Conference House

We can all do more to ensure success.

By we, we mean the Conference House with its rooms, services and catering – all part of the Ambassador House. And we also mean you – through your choice of venue and rooms for your meeting or conference, seminar or symposium.

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The pack has been reshuffled! Zurich has a new conference centre.

The Conference House – part of the Ambassador House in Zurich Nord:

For events involving between 6 and 200 participants


Combinations of rooms possible, depending on the requirements of the event

Free concierge service, extras on request

Bespoke support for every event

Restaurant and cafeteria; catering with numerous options

State-of-the-art media infrastructure in all rooms

Superb tram, train and bus connections, including to airport

240+ on-site parking spaces as well as cycle parking

Freely accessible terrace (1st floor)

The Conference House is operated by ISS Facility Services. Catering is provided by the Ambassador House Gastronomy.


Saluti a tutti - Real Italian pizza now in the restaurant of the Ambassador House.

Conference Arena - At last: Zurich now also has an efficient conference centre.

Media – hyper-fast 5G mobile technology available throughout the Conference House.